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Hi! You’ve reached the website of George Zaidan, host of Pocket Science, The Weather Channel’s Seasoned with Weather, NautilusLive, and blogger for The Huffington Post. Perhaps you want to know more about the show(s). Perhaps you are searching for the answer to a burning question. Or perhaps you would like me to work on a project you’re brewing. Whatever brought you here, welcome. I hope you find what you’re looking for—but if you don’t, please e-mail me at I’d love to hear what you’re up to.

January 5
On my first non-video post: the sad truth that my hair is falling out. Read it on HuffPo.
December 13
On today's Pocket Science: use your smartphone to make your own superlocal weather forecast.
Huffington Post
I am now a blogger for The Huffington Post! Pocket Science will be housed there for the foreseeable future. Ep23--about the NASA kerfuffle--is right here.
November 23
On today's Pocket Science: cheerleaders, every one with a degree in science!
Columbia University: SciComm in the Internet Age
On November 11th I will be speaking at the Columbia Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED). Blurb below:
How do you translate a journal article from Geekspeak into English? How do you talk to journalists? How do you increase the visibility of your lab? Science communication has been around a long time, but the advent of digital media and the Internet has unleashed a host of new tools to put science in front of non-scientists and help them care about it. In this talk, I'll explain how to use the tried-and-true techniques of science communication in the ever changing landscape of new media: all for the benefit of your lab.
12-1:30 pm, Schermerhorn 417
September 8
On today's Pocket Science: male circumcision and (unrelated) I'm going on vacation.
September 4
On today's Pocket Science: a very special guest discusses the crazy weather we've been having.
August 27
On today's Pocket Science: a bionic nose made from four different species and a robot.
August 24
On today's Pocket Science: Why do we hate goody two shoes? Because Michael Buble.
August 19
On today's Pocket Science: A tip from Cosmo Girl gets the scientific treatment. Will it pass inspection?
August 18
On today's Pocket Science: which saves more energy, line drying clothes or lowering the temp on your washer?
August 17
On today's Pocket Science: SCABIES! Gross.
August 16
On today's Pocket Science: free cholesterol drugs with your Happy Meal?
August 12
On today's Pocket Science: see why sniffing is good for more than just drugs.
August 11
On today's Pocket Science: dead chickens, personal violations, and your favorite sugary beverage. All in one unified theory of funny-osity.
August 10
On today's Pocket Science: the latest in sleep research. Kesha (sorry-- Ke$ha), a famous Bruce Willis movie, and my own Dr Seuss-inspired stylings. Enjoy!
August 9
On today's Pocket Science: hell, chimpanzees, and the 43rd POTUS.
August 5
There's more to the booty call than first meets the eye. Check it out on Episode 8 of Pocket Science!
August 4
Justin Bieber, the US Census, and a truly terrible joke. All on Episode 7 of Pocket Science. Enjoy!
August 3
Pocket Science Episode 6 is live! Researchers use honey bee venom as chemical double-sided tape, making design of targeted drug delivery systems modular.
August 2
Pocket Science Episode 5 is live! Researchers read your mind to see if you've been planning a crime. No joke, check it out!
July 29
Two new episodes of Pocket Science today (thanks to the power outage)! In Episode 3, researchers discover a cross-cultural component to the role your looks play in your ability to get elected to public office. Watch it here. In Episode 4, researchers wrestle with prions, the infectious proteins that cause Mad Cow disease. Watch it here.
July 27
Pocket Science Episode 2 is live! Researchers use gene therapy to restore vision in blind mice. Watch it here.
July 26
Pocket Science Episode 1 is live! Researchers teach Google a new trick. Watch it here.
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